既有工业设施 改造与更新利用 Existing Industrial Facilities’Renovation & Renewal



Put forward all-round renewal and renovation scheme on existing industrial facilities as old work shop, industrial mine ruins. From program transaction to active rebuild, upgrade the innovation industry and ecological travel, and form new characteristic product through digging its maximum value. We can offer the integration solution from design scheme to construction operation, and build ecological, innovative, smart, and lifeful new feature through sustainable conception and resource optimization. Additionally, we also offer optimized promotion to completed project on green renovation of energy consumption, noise, and environmental quality. We have completed a large amount of industrial facilities renovation and promotion, and accumulate abundant resource of database with particular monitoring and management platform.  

▲雄安设计中心(原 澳森制衣厂房改造而成 已建成投入使用-设计引领的EPC